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The rich waters of Aruba are brimming with Atlantic game fish throughout the year. Every season is deep sea fishing season in Aruba. Deep sea fishing is a favorite sport of the islanders and tourists. And for the most exhilarating fishing experiences, undertake the top-rated deep sea fishing Aruba trips with Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba.

Don’t stay at the shore. Take the anchors off. Let’s go deep sea fishing with our Aruba Fishing Charters!

What is
Deep Sea Fishing?

In the deep waters, you can find fishes that you won’t ever catch on the shore. It takes a typical form of angling to catch them called deep sea fishing. A deep sea fishing site must be at least 100 feet deep. From Renaissance Marina or Palm Beach, it only takes a few minutes for a fishing charter to reach waters that deep.

Exploring the Deep Waters: Aruba deep sea fishing charters allow you to explore the bounty of the deep seas. At Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba, we make sure that you have a great time while you are at it. Our deep water fishing boats are custom designed for the job. Here is what you can expect when you go deep sea Fishing in Aruba:

  • Variety: You get a chance to find deep sea fishing catches like Atlantic Sailfish, King Mackerel (King Fish), Mahi Mahi (Dolphin), Wahoo, and more. All of these game fish need deeper and more open waters to breed. Your catch of the day will be something special, not found near the shore.
  • Adventure: The big waves, the strong winds, and the deep waters add up to make deep sea fishing an adventure. The fishes put up a fight when you catch them too.
  • Serenity: Spend time on our gorgeous deep water fishing boat, our 37ft Bertram Sportfisherman and experience the serenity of the blue waters all around you.

Preparing for
Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is an adventure of a lifetime! Do you think you are prepared for it?
It is enjoyable but physically demanding. You need to prepare yourself for the Aruba deep sea fishing excursion and here are some tips to help you.

  • The Time it Right: There is never a wrong time for deep sea fishing in Aruba. So much to catch and only twelve months to catch them all. Let’s have a look at the Aruba deep sea fishing calendar and Aruba Fishing Seasons.
  • Rest Well: It is very easy to fall asleep on the boat while waiting for the fish to take the lure. So, a day before you go sport fishing, you should rest well.
  • Account for Motion Sickness: If you suffer from acute motion sickness, don’t go on a deep sea fishing adventure. Otherwise, pack some medication with you on the Aruba deep sea fishing trip. Also, apply sunscreen before leaving the shore.
  • Choose the Bait Wisely: The best bait for deep sea fishing depends on the fish you want to catch. Tell us your choice of catch and we will advise you on whether you need artificial lure or live bait.
  • Pick the Right Charter: Choosing the right Aruba deep sea fishing charter can mean the difference between a mediocre and a great fishing trip. Our Aruba deep sea fishing reviews will tell you about the great trips our guests have had. Moreover, we will take care of all the Aruba deep sea fishing preparations for you.
  • Don’t Forget the Food: You are going to be out at the sea for hours. For full-day Aruba deep sea fishing trips, you should carry water and food. However, if you book Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba, skip this step.

When you are on a full-day trip with our charters in Aruba, we provide turkey & ham sandwiches and cold beverages to all our guests. These leisurely Aruba Fishing Eight Hour Trip only cost $1000. The affordable Deep Sea Fishing Aruba Price extends to our other packages too. The Aruba Fishing Four Hour Trip cost $500 and the Aruba Fishing Six Hour Trip cost $750. Check out deep sea fishing reviews for first-hand accounts from our clients and book your adventure today!

Deep Sea Fishing is an immensely satisfying experience. You experience the beauty, excitement, and bounty of the sea all in one trip. And, to experience the best deep sea fishing in Aruba, come to Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba.

Don’t listen to us. Listen to our Aruba Deep Sea Fishing Charters Reviews!

Making Your Fishing
Trips Memorable

Aruba Fishing is an exploration of the deep seas. And Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba will make this fishing adventure exciting and fun for you. Take your first Aruba Fishing Trips with us.

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How deep is deep sea fishing?

Technically, a fishing excursion is called deep sea fishing when it takes place in waters more than a 100 feet deep. When you go deep sea fishing in Aruba, you are exploring waters that can go as deep as 400 feet. This is a real adventure.

Is deep sea fishing dangerous?

You are going into deep waters which has its dangers. Your safety depends largely on the crew you are travelling with. We have been in the business for a long time and have a 100% safety record. However, you will be on a yacht for a long time, so it is better to prepare for motion sickness.

What do you need for deep sea fishing?

Deep sea fishing requires you to be on a boat that is constantly moving and fitted with thick lines and sturdy rods. Deep sea fishes will put up a fight, and you need special equipment to catch them.

Our boat is specially designed for the purpose of deep sea fishing. We have Bertram Sportfisherman, which is a 37 feet long. This yacht is fitted with professionally installed Rupp tournament outriggers, Penn downriggers, and tournament tackle by Shimano. Apart from the equipment to catch the fish, our boats also have a fridge, freezer, AC, microwave, and even a stand-up shower. Our yacht has everything that you can possibly need while fishing and to have fun while doing it.

So, you don’t need to bring anything. But, if you want you can bring your own beer and some sunscreen.

Is sea sickness common while deep sea fishing?

Yes, it is. The waters in the deep sea can get choppy. So, if you or anyone in your group already suffers from sea sickness, it is not advisable for such a person to go in the middle of the deep seas. It is best that they stay on land.

Even if you don’t suffer from any such condition, it is still recommended that you take the required medication to stay safe.

What do you wear to go deep sea fishing?

There are no specialty clothes that you need to wear for deep sea fishing. Beach wear work well.

What is deep sea fishing?

A typical form of angling that is used to catch the deep sea fishes. For this type of fishing, the fishermen scour the deep seas on a boat with specially fitted equipment. They catch fishes that thrive in these deep waters.

Which is better for deep sea fishing Aruba or Curacao?

Both Aruba and Curacao offer deep sea fishing to their visitors. But, Aruba happens to be more popular. Millions of tourists visit Aruba every year and most for deep sea fishing. We have been active in the Aruba deep sea fishing for more than a decade now; the tourist influx has always kept us busy.

Which is better for deep sea fishing in Aruba: half day or full day?

It depends on the kind of experience you have in fishing. If you are a beginner, a half day fishing trip will work well. You are entering deep waters that can be rough at times. A half day trip will keep you on a moving boat for a while so that you don’t get too seasick to enjoy your time on the sea.

On the other hand, a full day fishing trip is for those people who are experienced in fishing and can be on the boat for a longer time.

So, the better trip is the one that suits you more.

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